Lydia’s very first post….

Ode to Learning to build a website!    So I went to my friend Lydia’s house who just had a major surgery and instead of bringing flowers, I brought paint brush and entertainmnet for her kids! It is time for my first blog.  I have no idea where this will land. so fun.I need to remember life is like building a website. You work and you study and you build and build and fail and build and fail and move on and move forward, then move backwards, try to depend on someone, and remember you can’t depend on anyone but yourself  and dive in again and  and and breathe and hold your breathe and create and wonder where is this going????  And then you get to PAINT and everything is fine again. So,  this is my first post, only because after making static website pages for so long… somehow it said post    and    I’m    Postiing… a big experiment. I’m going to try to add a photo from a fun day yesterday. Yep. I am. And I see , it worked.  I will look back on this and laugh. We should all be so lucky . Moving forward is very good. So, this is sort of a past event, lol. These are 2 sweet kids… mercy!