Introducing Face and Body Painting Blog

face painting eagleBeginning the face painting blog!

I am one happy woman. Here I am sitting  by a wonderful lady who is showing me how to set up a new blog. I am so much more happy in front of a painting, a student or a person to paint than a computer!  I do have work to share, and it is an adventure every time I go out in the field as a face painting and body painter in Portland and I think folks that hired me may want to read and see the pictures I took. And , hey, I want you to know my work and hire me to come and and entertain you with paint!

How often I hear the words ” You sure love what you do!!!”  I’m so fortunate that I did stumble upon painting on people. This is what I love about my face painting and body painting business. It gets me out of my house, art studio, and computer room. I get to go to events that are full of fun energy and guess what? I am the most popular person there!  When was the last time you went to an event, and you were so popular people would flock around you (watching you paint) and wait just to hang with you?

face painting Portland

Creating on the spot designs!


The power of personal interaction

It is my interaction with you that propels me to want to paint on flesh, other than a canvas. The living canvas  reacts,  gives me information about who you are, what is your passion in life, what art you are envisioning, images and colors, face painting or body art…. it is all a part of the dance, figuring out what art will be created. And even if you are 3 year old, you have opinions.

It is actually just listening and getting excited about their excitement. When you are able to see the process of creating something just for you… well, it doesn’t get much better for me.  Yep, I can do really quick faces from standard boards, but I still manage to connect and come up with something that you help me create. Unless you are asking me to do 30 second faces and you are still happy with the results. That is another blog topic!

Different strokes for different folks

face paintingWhen I first started face painting, I thought it was so important to have outstanding artwork. I would see painters who’s work I wouldn’t be proud of, but you know what? There are all kinds of gigs, all kinds of folks, and some care about quality and others want a cheap price and don’t really care about the results or interaction. No right or wrong. My forte happens to be interaction. My joy is interaction. In fact, I wish I wasn’t sitting on a plane right now, flying to Arizona. I  wish I was on the ground, anywhere, painting on you.