Glow Job 2015 - Glow-in-the-Dark Body Painter. Reserve your slot!

Going to the party? Clothing is great for the cab ride over, but paint is what you want when you are there!  I’ll make you black-light beautiful! Save your spandex money on a WOW 400734_10101035734716176_1314977465_n-1FACTOR Glow Job 2015 riot custom painted piece. The comfortable creative alternative!

Face/partial body and full body available in art studio at SE 3rd and Pine.

Booking for all day Sat. before the event. 

Send me your requests and I will send you a quote and book a time. Smaller designs from $25 to full bodies . Cost depends on time and it’s hard to estimate without your idea! Feel free to email with pictures, call 971 322 8441 or view my website fill out an event form on main page (contact Kim) . BYOB and have fun in an amazing art loft overlooking the city! 

CUSTOM WORK * PROFESSIONAL* INSURED* SKIN SAFE AND COMFORTABLE PAINT (very easy to remove yet durable for your entire evening)